Odontotos Rack Railway

odontotosrackrailwayOdontotos...The only Rack Railway in Greece!

One of the most amazing train rides in the world

An unforgettable journey through the evergreen and incredibly beautiful nature of the Vouraikos Gorge and Kalavrita. Odontotos the Diakofto - Kalavrita Rack Railway is a tourist attraction. It's a train that can reach high altitudes and operate on steep grades, through territories of unique interest and spectacular views.
With a unique journey that lasts for about one hour and starts from Diakofto, the rack railway runs through the gorge of Vouraikos and the village of Zachlorou, ending up in Kalavrita. The train covers the 22 kilometer journey going with 30-40km/h when moving along the regular rack and with 6-15km/h when moving along the toothed racks.